Party Wall Surveying

Few people appear to have heard of The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996, however it affects us all, whether as a home owner, landlord or tenant.


Most works to a party wall / party fence wall, and all excavations undertaken within 3 or 6 meters (20 ft in old money) fall under the Act.


Failure to comply with the Act can result in a Court Injunction, stopping all works until such time as an Award is in place, it is therefore always in the “Developers” interests to ensure that an Award is in place prior to commencing works on site.


The good news for neighbours is that it is usually the party who will benefit (I.e. the Developer) who is responsible for meeting the Party Wall Surveyor or surveyors fees, which need not be expensive.


With extensive experience of dispute resolution we are well placed to act in this often contentious field, working with Building Owners (BO) and Adjoining Owners (AO) to ensure compliance with the act and safeguard all parties interests.


We can also act as third surveyor under the Act.


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